The components of our Company’s success: professionalism, prompt reaction to changes in market requirements, uniting the efforts of specialists.

Our company has established itself as a reliable partner, fulfilling its obligations under any circumstances. Our character is in a constant movement forward, because the fact that yesterday worked perfectly tomorrow will not bring results and will radically change. We believe that there is no stability in the long term. Therefore, only those who are ready for such changes will be successful and adapt most quickly in search of new opportunities. It is exactly our company “ACTIVE-AUDIT”.

The purpose of our work is to help in the effective management and control over the risks that arise in the economic and financial operations of the enterprise.

Our audit firm unites experts in the field of audit and tax consulting, the organization of financial control and management analysis, the creation and reorganization of enterprises and financial institutions, specialists in securities circulation, property valuation, cybersecurity. Our company exists since 2000.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide a wide range of consulting services, which includes, in addition to the audit of financial statements, also services related to business activities, namely: control of the correctness of tax accounting, advice on building tax business schemes, and advice on the organization of financial (management) accounting.

Audit services

Audit of accounting and financial reporting of organizations of any form of ownership, including with foreign investments, according to national and international standards

Accounting services

Accounting support of your enterprise with the help of our specialists

Crisis management

An integrated management system aimed at eliminating those phenomena that adversely affect business, and ensuring financial equilibrium in the long run

Consulting in business management
  • Consultations on the restructuring of companies
  • Consulting on tax planning
  • Financial analysis of economic and economic activities
Inventory of fixed assets

Verification of the organization’s assets and the state of its financial obligations by comparing the actual data with the accounting data

Information Security Management System (ISMS) for banks and companies of Ukraine

Analysis of the enterprise on the need for information protection, data collection, risk assessment and planning of their elimination, monitoring of the operation of control mechanisms, evaluation of their effectiveness and necessary corrective actions

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