Мнищенко Владимир Николаевич
Mnishchenko Vladimir
Founder and CEO
Буянов Сергей Анатольевич
Buyanov Sergey
Head of Enterprises Audit Department
Домарева Наталия Викторовна
Domareva Natalia
Head Of Bank Audit Department
Kopylova Elena
Bytkovskaya Anna
Терещенко Юлия
Pilyugina Tatyana
Potopalskaya Alena
Lantuh Gennady
Sivakov Valentin
Tereshchenko Julia
Office Manager

Our specialists have practical experience in conducting audits and knowledge of the specifics of economic activity, accounting and taxation of banks and enterprises of many industries:

Non-banking financial institutions:

State Mortgage Institution – www.ipoteka.gov.ua;
AST “AIS-polis” – www.aispolis.com.ua;
CJSC Insurance Company ING Life Ukraine;
Troika Dialog Ukraine LLC – www.troika.ru;
CJSC Insurance company “Etalon” – www.etalon.ua;
LLC “Renaissance Ukraine” – www.rencap.com;

Commercial banks:

PJSC “Alfa-Bank” – www.alfabank.com.ua;
OJSC “PTB” – www.platinumbank.com.ua;
LLC “Bank Renaissance Capital” – www.rccf.ua;
OJSC “Russian Standard Bank” – www.bank-rs.com.ua;
AKB Arkada – www.arkada.ua;
OJSC “Fineksbank” – www.finexbank.com.ua
PJSC “FUIB” – www.pumb.ua;
PJSC “NEOS BANK” – www.neosbank.com.ua;
JSC “Ukrbudinvestbank” – www.ubib.com.ua;
PJSC “FINANCE BANK” – www.financebank.com.ua;
PJSC CB “Center” – www.bankcenter.com.ua;
PJSC ASTRA BANK – www.astrabank.ua;
PJSC “FORWARD BANK” – www.forward-bank.com;
PJSC “BANK” PORTAL “- www.bank-portal.com.ua;
JSC “BANK BOGUSLAV” – www.bankboguslav.com.ua and others;

Enterprises and organizations:

LLC “Milange Properties” – www.mallofukraine.com;
OOO Komodor (logistic park Komodor) – www.prometr.com.ua/category/news/ware houses/950;
UGP “Ukrhimtransammiak” – www.transammiak.com.ua;
SE “Ukrainian special systems” – www.uss.gov.ua;
PRAT “Cosmed” – www.cosmed.ua;
The network of service apartments «Senator Apartments» – www.senator-apartments.com.ua;

Foreign enterprises and banks:

Advertising Agency “Maximum” – www.ramaximum.ru;
The corporation “Russian Standard” – www.russianstandard.com.

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