Our specialists have practical experience in conducting audits and knowledge of the specifics of economic activity, accounting and taxation of banks and enterprises of many industries:

Non-banking financial institutions:

State Mortgage Institution – www.ipoteka.gov.ua;
AST “AIS-polis” – www.aispolis.com.ua;
CJSC Insurance Company ING Life Ukraine;
Troika Dialog Ukraine LLC – www.troika.ru;
CJSC Insurance company “Etalon” – www.etalon.ua;
LLC “Renaissance Ukraine” – www.rencap.com;

Commercial banks:

PJSC “Alfa-Bank” – www.alfabank.com.ua;
OJSC “PTB” – www.platinumbank.com.ua;
LLC “Bank Renaissance Capital” – www.rccf.ua;
OJSC “Russian Standard Bank” – www.bank-rs.com.ua;
AKB Arkada – www.arkada.ua;
OJSC “Fineksbank” – www.finexbank.com.ua
PJSC “FUIB” – www.pumb.ua;
PJSC “NEOS BANK” – www.neosbank.com.ua;
JSC “Ukrbudinvestbank” – www.ubib.com.ua;
PJSC “FINANCE BANK” – www.financebank.com.ua;
PJSC CB “Center” – www.bankcenter.com.ua;
PJSC ASTRA BANK – www.astrabank.ua;
PJSC “FORWARD BANK” – www.forward-bank.com;
PJSC “BANK” PORTAL “- www.bank-portal.com.ua;
JSC “BANK BOGUSLAV” – www.bankboguslav.com.ua and others;

Enterprises and organizations:

LLC “Milange Properties” – www.mallofukraine.com;
OOO Komodor (logistic park Komodor) – www.prometr.com.ua/category/news/ware houses/950;
UGP “Ukrhimtransammiak” – www.transammiak.com.ua;
SE “Ukrainian special systems” – www.uss.gov.ua;
PRAT “Cosmed” – www.cosmed.ua;
The network of service apartments «Senator Apartments» – www.senator-apartments.com.ua;

Foreign enterprises and banks:

Advertising Agency “Maximum” – www.ramaximum.ru;
The corporation “Russian Standard” – www.russianstandard.com.

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