Accounting services

The complex of services for accounting support and service organizations includes the following types of services:

  • checking the availability, correctness of registration and compliance of primary accounting and tax documents with the requirements of legislation;
  • processing received invoices;
  • charging of taxes, other mandatory payments and preparation of payment orders for payment;
  • conducting analytical and synthetic accounting of all or some parts of the accounting;
  • compilation of registers of accounting and tax accounting;
  • the formulation of banking and cash transactions, personnel documents;
  • payroll to employees;
    development of standard contracts for formalizing relations with customers;
  • compilation and delivery of all forms of accounting and tax reporting.
  • Methodology for the processing of accounting data and preparation of accounting, tax and financial statements;
  • For timely delivery of accounting, tax and financial statements to social insurance funds, pension funds, STI bodies and statistical bodies;
  • For compliance with the requirements of the Company’s accounting policies;
  • For the arithmetic correctness of calculations (including taxes and fees), the timeliness of information processing.
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