ISO 9000 Quality Management System

Do you want to develop?
Is your goal a long term presence in the market?
Do you want transparency and order in your company?
In our work we strive to LEARN MORE to apply the practical skills of the work so that the employees of the enterprise can perform the necessary functions independently!
For this purpose, corporate training is suitable.

ISO 9000 Quality Management System:

1. Introduction to the philosophy of global quality and ISO 9000, 9001, 9004 standards.
2. Construction of a quality management system based on ISO 9000 series standards.
3. Creation, management and distribution of QMS documentation in accordance with ISO 9001. Process approach in ISO 9000 standards.
4. Internal audits of ISO 19011.

What are we doing:

1. Diagnostics of the enterprise.
2. Training of personnel in the rules and principles of the quality management system based on ISO 9000 standards.
3. Construction of the “business process map” of the enterprise. Identify the key business processes of the enterprise, adding value.
4. Optimization of business processes. Identification of “weak” places, reengineering, building effective interaction between the company’s divisions.
5. Description (formalization) of the company’s processes (document management, work with the client, logistics, procurement, sales, production processes, processes associated with the analysis of the product lines and services portfolio, sales analysis, CRM, ABC, management of non-conforming products, etc.).
6. Implementation of documentation. Explanation of purpose and training in the use of documentation of employees of the enterprise.
7. Internal audits of the quality management system. Training of a group of internal auditors and setting the process of internal inspections at the enterprise.
8. Certification. Issue of a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000.
9. We are confident in the quality of our services, therefore we offer the following services within the framework of the concluded contract free of charge:
9.1. Accompaniment of the enterprise when passing the certification audit.
9.2. Maintenance of the implemented quality system within 6 months after certification:
Answers to any questions about the work in the ISO 9000 system.
Reviewing, recommendations for the improvement of new, developed documents.
Assistance in building a plan for the further development of the company’s QMS.

The time for building a system depends on the commitment of the top management and the allocated resources and is, as a rule, from 4 to 12 months.

In addition, that we help to go to certification, we also provide support before and after obtaining a certificate, which can include:

1. Conducting internal audits. In the course of the audit, if the client wants, the training is given to practical bases and methods of audit. The audit is conducted by experienced, certified specialists.
2. Preparation of the company for supervisory audit. Conducting a “rehearsal” of the supervisory audit, identifying inconsistencies, drawing up a plan for eliminating inconsistencies, corrective actions.
3. Support during supervisory audits. Any certification body monitors the system, through supervisory audits. The presence of our consultant, who knows the specifics of your company, allows you to exclude from the audit “unnecessary” questions from the auditor and help in developing corrective actions based on the audit results.
4. Updating the documentation of the quality management system. The service is in demand with small firms that do not have a dedicated person to maintain the quality system up-to-date.
5. Training of employees in the methods and rules of work in the ISO 9000 system. It is more profitable to order a corporate training on topics of interest to you than sending 2-3 people to seminars. For key employees, an effective method of express training is developed: “Consultant-employee” – 1-2 days of training + 1-2 months of support.

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