Crisis management

To increase the results of the Company’s operations and improve the management system, the Company “ACTIVE-AUDIT” offers you services for crisis management of the enterprise.

The proposed anti-crisis management of your enterprise is a special management system characterized by a complex character aimed at eliminating those phenomena that adversely affect business and ensuring financial equilibrium in a long period.

The mechanism of anti-crisis management of the enterprise consists of the following main subsystems:

1. Diagnosis of financial condition.

Diagnosis of the financial and economic state of your enterprise will allow you to determine the reasons for its entry into the zone of insolvency. The assessment of the state includes a comprehensive analysis of internal and external relationships of the company, as a result of which the following objectives are achieved:

  • verification of the reliability of financial and non-financial information on the company’s activities;
  • assessment of the feasibility of implementing the existing company strategy;
  • an estimation of correctness of conducting document circulation for its conformity to the legislation and internal norms of the company;
  • assessment of the company’s competitive position in the market;
  • assessment of the correctness of tax and statistical reporting.

2. Business valuation of the enterprise.

Business valuation of the enterprise includes the following key sections:

  • structure of assets and liabilities;
  • analysis of property status;
  • express analysis of financial condition:
    • liquidity
    • financial stability
    • analysis of business activity
    • as well as the turnover of the company’s funds
    • return on capital and sales
    • effect of financial leverage

Indicators of liquidity and financial stability (the ability of the enterprise to make timely and full-scale settlements on short-term liabilities: payments to employees on payroll, suppliers for received goods and tangible assets and services provided, banks with loans, etc.) complement each other friend and give an idea of ​​the financial condition of the enterprise. The financial stability of an enterprise is assessed against its own and borrowed funds in assets, in terms of the accumulation of its own funds, by the ratio of long-term and short-term liabilities of the enterprise, by the provision of material working capital by its own sources.

3. Organizational and production management.

In the framework of organizational and production management, work is carried out to study the suppliers of raw materials, the prices for the necessary raw materials and equipment, the possibility of deferrals on payments, and the readiness of suppliers to continue working. In addition, the issues of supplying the company with electricity, heat, water and other material resources are being investigated.

4. Marketing

After analyzing these problems, attention is drawn to marketing issues – the analysis of the situation of the enterprise in the markets and the demand for the products of the enterprise. The essence of anti-crisis marketing is the activity that transforms the needs of the buyer into the income of the enterprise.

5. Personnel Management.

Anticrisis management of personnel consists in improving the organization of work and optimizing the number of personnel in the enterprise.

6. Financial management.

Financial management, which plays an important role in crisis management, is the main tactical element of financial business support, through which you can manage not only the cash flows of your enterprise, but also find the best solutions to financial problems.

7. Creation and implementation of an anti-crisis management plan.

The result of the above program is the creation and implementation of an anti-crisis management plan, which includes a set of measures aimed at restoring solvency, financial stability and ensuring the financial equilibrium of the enterprise in the long term.

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