Domareva Natalia

Experience in banking and auditing for more than 14 years. He has a higher economic education.

Has experience working, including in managerial positions, in the management of credit risk in commercial banks.

Experience in the audit of banking institutions for more than 4 years. Specialist in the analysis of financial and statistical reporting, risk analysis, including credit. Has experience in auditing financial institutions.

Member of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine.

 Auditor’s certificates:

31 January2013

The certificate of the auditor of banks №0181 issued on the basis of decision АПУ №264 / 2, valid until 31.01.2018.

Домарева Наталия Викторовна
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    03038, Ukraine, Kyiv
    Nikolay Grinchenko str., 4


    +380 44-521-40-07


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